Teaching is an inherently political act. Teachers are responsible for helping generations of students be well-informed, inquisitive, and engaged citizens. We are responsible for ensuring that justice and democracy are valued. We are also responsible for helping students feel cared for and important in a society that is not always just or truly democratic. This is why it is our responsibility to teach for equity and inclusion, so that we and our students can move towards a more just society.”

Maggie’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Math

“Once I took algebra, I began to see math as a practical puzzle rather than a worksheet. That’s when it really started to make sense to me—everything suddenly clicked. As a math teacher, I want to prove to a generation that math is good, useful, and practical.”

Professional Experience

In the summers of 2020 and 2021, Maggie worked at a local nonprofit called Juneau Economic Development Council as a camp director and lead instructor for their STEM/Lego Robotics Camps. She will return to the council to this same role in the summer of 2022, with responsibility for planning and running their summer camps, including procuring funding and keeping them COVID free. 

Maggie will begin her first year of teaching at Floyd Dryden Middle School during the 2021–2022 school year.  


Maggie enjoys cooking, gardening, fishing, foraging for food to cook, making music, and crafting/sewing.

Academic Background

  • Barnard College (Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics–Computer Science)