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The Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS), the Education Development Center (EDC) and the Knowles Teacher Initiative hosted a Math/Science Teacher Leadership Symposium April 29–May 3, 2016, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The symposium was held to understand and articulate the features of high-quality mathematics and science teacher leadership programs, in an effort to decrease fragmentation across mathematics and science education, and develop recommendations for future practice and research in teacher leadership development. Nineteen leading professionals in mathematics and science education and teacher leadership attended the symposium, which was the second phase of a two-year project funded by the National Science Foundation, Developing math/science teacher leadership: A consensus approach to evaluating program quality. Read project report.

The Knowles Teacher Initiative worked with Horizon Research, Inc., a private research firm, to conduct research and produce various reports about the impact of our programs and our Fellows: How Teachers Develop Social Capital, Leading from Inside the Classroom, Standing Out in Their Field, and How Do They Measure Up?

The Knowles Teacher Initiative worked with Inverness Research, an independent and national educational research organization, to conduct research and produce various reports about the impact of our programs on Knowles Fellows: Transforming as Inquiring Teachers and Leaders and Cases of Leading Teachers.

The Knowles Teacher Initiative worked with Engineering Tomorrow,  a nonprofit organization developed by engineers to increase the number of high school students who pursue engineering degrees, to provide material kits for teachers who registered to take Engaging Math and Science Students in Engineering Design, a 2021 Knowles Academy online course.

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