Teachers should help students find their passions and grow. Education is such an important tool and teachers can help students think deeply about important concepts and help students collaborate and learn from each other.” 

Alissa’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Math 

I have always loved math and helping others understand concepts, so I thought teaching math would be perfect for me. In high school, I was always told I was good at math because I was a ‘math person’ and saw many of my classmates give up on the subject because they thought they couldn’t do it. I want to push more students away from the idea that only certain people can be good at math. I am passionate about fostering a growth mindset in my students to show them they can be successful in the subject.

Professional Experience

As an undergraduate, Alissa volunteered at local schools by peer mentoring in math. She interned and worked at the Aim High program, teaching math and STEAM courses. 

Alissa will begin her first year of teaching at Fremont High School during the 2022–2023 school year. 


Alissa has been dancing since she was three years old and mainly participates in hip hop and tap. She also enjoys watching Marvel movies and using them to connect with her students. 

Academic Background

  • Santa Clara University (Bachelor of Science in Math)
  • Stanford University (Master of Education in Education)