My most fulfilling times at university were in helping calculus students. I was thrilled every time I watched the light bulb go on for a student or helped them understand a difficult concept.”

Kimberly’s Story

Kimberly Conner credits her seventh grade math teacher with setting an example for how math can be taught. “By having a teacher whose love for math overflows into their teaching, students can understand that math is not impossible and can even be fun.”

Kimberly was home-schooled from 9th to 11th grade which gave her the individual attention she needed to further develop her math skills. She volunteered in a first grade classroom during that time. “While I enjoyed my time with the children, I realized that the challenge of teaching high school math was ultimately what I preferred.”

Kimberly graduated with a major in math and a minor in photography from Mercer University, where she was involved in the honors program, the Baptist Student Union, and a traveling drama ministry. Most of all, she loved her job teaching calculus to other students. “When my time at Mercer came to a close, it was an easy decision to continue my education to get my teaching credentials, so that I would be fully prepared to teach.” Kimberly earned her master’s degree in secondary education and certification to teach secondary mathematics from Vanderbilt University in 2009.