There are many reasons I decided to pursue teaching as a profession, but one of the broader reasons that initially got me started is that I really believe in the power and importance of education and that everyone should have equitable access to quality education.”

Mary’s Story

Teaching Discipline

Physics and Earth & Space Science

Why Physics and Earth & Space Science

“I fell in love with physics in college when I (finally) realized that physics offers a really eloquent way of explaining what is going on around us, using math (which I loved already)! Then I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to study how geology, astronomy, and physics intersected so beautifully. I mean…who doesn’t think space and planetary science is cool? And who would not want to share that with adolescents!”

Professional Experience

Before beginning a career in education, Mary worked in the Global Contracts Management Department at JPMorgan Chase. She also tutored peers while in high school and college, and continued to do so after she graduation.

Mary served in the Peace Corps in Ghana from 2013–2015 as a secondary science teacher. After volunteering in Ghana, she taught physics and an elective astronomy course at the Latin School of Chicago, then enrolled in a master’s program.


Mary enjoys riding her bike all over Chicago and recently started building wood furniture.

Academic Background

  • University of Illinois at Chicago (Master of Education)
  • Colgate University (Bachelor of Art in Astrogeophysics)