I want my students to be able to look at information critically, beginning with the scientific sources we use in my chemistry class. I also want them to be able to apply those same skills and thought processes to all media, especially in today’s climate of disinformation.”

Michael’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Chemistry

“Chemistry really helps to explain everything that is happening around us, and why so many things work the way that they do at the most fundamental level. Being able to show students how they can question and make sense of the world around them through this entirely new lens is just a fun process!”

Professional Experience

During his undergraduate studies, Michael worked as a food and research discovery intern at The Hershey Company. In this role, he conducted research on how to make dark chocolate less bitter without reducing its health benefits. Following graduation, he worked as a project engineer at Dennis Group LLC and as a standardized test science item writer at Cambium Assessment. Additionally, Michael works as a private tutor for high school students, providing support for math and science subjects.

Michael will begin his first year of teaching at Revere High School during the 2021–2022 school year. 


In his spare time, Michael enjoys playing tabletop games. 

Academic Background

  • University of Rhode Island (Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering)
  • Boston University (Master of Arts in Teaching in Science Education) 
  • University of Rhode Island (Master of Science in Chemical Engineering)