I believe it is the teacher’s role to support the whole student. Whether this is academically, socially, or emotionally, the classroom provides a unique space to foster meaningful relationships that can impact not only the student and teacher, but also the world outside the classroom.”

Natasha’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Science

“Through science, students can explore their own questions and interests, and conduct their own investigations and research to make their own meaning and understanding. No one can take this process of meaning making away from them. Ultimately, they are in control and have power in their learning of the world.”

Professional Experience

Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, Natasha joined City Year, an AmeriCorps program. Through the program, she worked as a Behavior & Service Coordinator at Chicago Vocational Career Academy. Natasha used differentiated instruction to support struggling Algebra students at the Academy.

Additionally, she developed and implemented a freshman lunch leadership program, an anti-bullying campaign and several service projects. Over the course of the year, Natasha found that she truly enjoyed working with students and supporting them in achieving their goals, both inside and outside of school.

Volunteer Experience

Natasha volunteers at the Sikh Temple of Chicago as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. She started the first ESL class at the Temple, which primarily serves seniors and immigrants, and created a curriculum for students who are pursuing U.S. citizenship in Punjabi and English.

Additionally, Natasha assists students with the completion of relevant forms, recruits new citizens to conduct mock naturalization interviews, and trains and mentors high school student volunteers to serve as teaching assistants who provide one-on-one classroom instruction.


Natasha enjoys eating and making food, and studying South Asian languages. religions and cultures.

Academic Background

  • University of Chicago (Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Science)
  • Northwestern University (Bachelor of Arts in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)