Tag Name: practitioner inquiry

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From the Editors’ Desk: Asking Questions to Find Our PlaceIn this issue, we see how our questions lead to more questions, and what we all stand to learn from the process of finding answers.2023
Leadership as Stance: Leading from Inside the ClassroomExploring the ways that my view of teacher leadership is enacted during informal interactions between teachers.2017
Being Open to Surprise: Confronting Assumptions Through a Puzzling MomentBy being willing to ask questions about our practice teachers can reach deeper questions, and by situating ourselves as protagonists in the story (only we can change—we cannot force change upon others), I am certain we as educators can make incremental and powerful progress towards improving educational outcomes for students like Jamie, Kylie, or Elizabeth.2017
A False Sense of Student SuccessHow could a system that had been set up to help students hurt some so much?2017
The Power to Effect ChangeThis story chronicles the experiences of three teachers who were working to improve student outcomes outside their individual classrooms.2017