Waking up every morning with the opportunity to influence young peoples’ intellect and character was the only path that elicited enough excitement and fear to get me out of bed.”

Ben’s Story

Ben Buehler grew up just outside Indianapolis, Indiana. After high school, he enrolled at Ball State University, where he majored in everything from graphic design to business management before graduating with a degree in physics. As part of his undergraduate work, Ben spent a summer doing optics and laser research at the University of Central Florida. While he enjoyed the experience, he realized that “I was truly passionate about and refreshed by teaching science.” When Ben returned back to Indiana, he finished his physics degree and immediately started working on an education degree. Ben has been teaching various levels of physics, chemistry, and computer science since the fall of 2003.

A Senior Fellow since 2007, Ben credits Knowles with giving him the support he needed to both understand that teaching is not a profession easily mastered and the desire to reach for that mastery. “Being part of a cohort of dedicated and amazing educators has driven me to push the limits of my capabilities. Knowles helped me realize that I’m part of something larger. My classroom is just a small part of a larger plot to turn students on to science and help them understand they can be scientists.” Ben benefitted from a unique blend of professional development while a Knowles Fellow, which has equipped him to lead summer Modeling Instruction workshops and serve on the Indiana Department of Education STEM Advisory Council. Knowles cast the vision needed for Ben to become a professional.