Teachers should be working in and with a community to grow and teach youth. While our job is to distribute content knowledge, our goal should be for students to authentically create, engage, and learn content knowledge.”

Jessica’s Story

Teaching Disciplines

Mathematics and Physics

Why Mathematics and Physics

“I chose math because I loved seeing how all of the subparts of the subject tied together in my coursework. I chose physics because I was able to see how it described the mechanics of the world, from the macro to the micro level.”

Professional Experience

For three years, Jessica worked as a research assistant in the High Energy Physics research group at Vanderbilt University. In this role, she conducted particle physics research alongside a professor and a graduate student. Specifically, their research focused on the anapole dark matter particle candidate, a particle that creates a toroidal electromagnetic field. As part of this research, she travelled to Switzerland, delivered four presentations, and co-authored an article that was published in a research journal.

Jessica will begin her second year of teaching at Hume-Fogg High School during the 2021–2022 school year.

Volunteer Experience

Jessica serves as an adult leader for the youth group at her church, West End United Methodist Church.


Jessica enjoys cooking, baking new recipes and doing puzzles.

Academic Background

  • Vanderbilt University (Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education/Mathematics)
  • University of Missouri (Master of Education in Learning, Teaching and Curriculum; Anticipated graduation: May 2022)