Come explore a teaching strategy aimed at redefining what it truly means to be “smart” by focusing on behaviors aligned with mathematical practices. We aim to celebrate the diverse strengths and assets each student brings to the learning journey, while also highlighting the practices that mathematicians employ daily. By doing this, we can shift the classroom’s values to foster a more inclusive and dynamic learning environment. During our session, we’ll delve into strategies for transforming groupwork dynamics, where students often rush to complete tasks without fully engaging with the material. Join us to discover how to reshape values in your classroom, where all forms of mathematical thinking are appreciated and valued. We’ll explore the role of student status in group dynamics and practice techniques for assigning competence. Through hands-on activities and observations of student engagement, participants will gain insights into how status influences group interactions and discover practical strategies to implement in their math teaching moving forward. Leave Anna and Josh’s session with actionable strategies you can apply immediately in your teaching practice next year!