My desire is to equip students with critical thinking and argumentation in order to make culturally responsible citizens who are both motivated and prepared to change the world.”

Briana’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Physics

“I have always loved how physics explains how the world works. Also appreciating beauty as a mathematical picture, I’m excited to teach physics both conceptually and mathematically. As an athlete, I am particularly excited to teach kinematics and connect science to many of my students’ passion for sports.”

Professional Experience

Briana currently serves as the science department lead at Envision Academy, where she is helping students align curriculum with project-based learning.

Last summer, Briana took part in the Ignited Teachers Research program and studied the excitation of semiconductors due to XUV lasers.

Volunteer Experience

During her junior year of college, Briana served as the Pre-Collegiate Chair for region six of the National Society of Black Engineers. As Pre-Collegiate Chair, she designed a series of interactive science, engineering, and computer science workshops for the annual K–12 conference.


Briana enjoys spartan races, spoken word, and dance.

Academic Background

  • Stanford University (Master of Education in Education)
  • Seattle Pacific University (Bachelor of Science in Physics)