Nowadays, students are exposed to so much and have so many questions about the world around them, with not many role models to be found. Teachers can serve as mentors, establishing relationships that allow young people to ask questions that they may not necessarily ask the adults in their families.”

Daniel’s Story 

Teaching Discipline


Why Biology

“In college, I studied the sciences and gravitated to biology. I enjoy biology the most out of the sciences because I found the story behind biology to be the most engaging. To learn biology is to learn about all kinds of people and their understanding of the world, making biology for me, the most cross-disciplinary subject that not only teaches us about life, but also about each other.”

Professional Experience

During his undergraduate studies, Daniel worked as a patient transporter in the Lehigh Valley Health Network, and served on Youth Courts, a program that aimed to create a more restorative justice-focused approach to discipline in schools. Daniel taught middle school at Science Leadership Academy for six months, then decided to transition to high school education. 

Daniel will begin his second year of teaching chemistry at Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the 2023–2024 school year. 


Daniel enjoys reading outside and has recently been focusing on learning to read and write Portuguese, as he speaks it fluently. 

Academic Background 

  • Swarthmore College (Bachelor of Arts in Biology)