Knowles supports our teachers and gives them the opportunity to learn and grow practices that really hook their students on learning math and science. They are committed to becoming better STEM teaching professionals, and Knowles helps them to achieve that goal.”

Jodie’s Story

Dr. Jodie Galosy supports Knowles research and evaluation projects across the organization. Jodie was previously the Director of Research and Evaluation and the Senior Research Associate at Knowles before moving to a part time position as Research Project Manager. Prior to Knowles, Jodie was the Assistant Director for Teacher Professional Development and Evaluation at the Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology (CBST; University of California, Davis).

Jodie has a B.S. in biology from Marygrove College (Detroit, Mich.), an M.Ed. in counseling (University of Missouri, St. Louis), and a Ph.D. in teaching, curriculum, and educational policy (Michigan State University – MSU). Jodie taught life science to middle and high school students for 20+ years in St. Louis, Mo., and pre-service/graduate teacher education courses while at MSU. She also was project director for an MSU/Exploratorium study of beginning science teacher learning.

As a teacher and teacher educator, Jodie has contributed to teacher professional development, curriculum writing, and assessment at the district, state, and national levels. Jodie is deeply committed to strengthening and supporting practitioner inquiry and making teacher knowledge more influential in educational reform and improvement efforts.

Jodie’s research interests focus on teacher learning; especially how beginning science and mathematics teachers develop into strong teachers and teacher leaders. She is also presently learning more about equitable research and evaluation methods, the use of social network analysis in understanding teacher community development, and data visualization techniques that support decision making. 

Jodie has presented papers and reviewed proposals for numerous education conferences and journals. She has also served as Principal Investigator on several federally funded research projects and co-authored a number of publications related to beginning math/science teacher development, including articles about the impacts of Knowles programs on Fellows’ teaching and leadership.


Curriculum Vitae