I am passionate about enabling my students to explore science content for themselves and make personal connections to their learning experiences. I am also passionate about finding ways to make education a positive experience for all students.”

Kylie’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Biology

“Biology is the study of all living things that exist in our world; everyone is uniquely connected to biology and can find a topic that they find fascinating. While we already have discovered so much about the world around us, there are still so many mysteries that need to be solved. Seeing students explore biology content and have the “lightbulb moment” of understanding, then further challenging them to delve into investigating the mysteries that still exist—leading to looks of confusion, critical thinking, and true curiosity—is why I chose biology.”

Volunteer Experience

During her undergraduate studies, Kylie studied abroad in Rome, where she tutored two students in English. Through this experience, she learned the importance of relating to students on a personal level to uncover the best way to reach them.


Kylie enjoys traveling, exercising, swimming, reading or listening to audiobooks, and watching television dramas.

Academic Background

  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary Science Education)
  • West Virginia University (Bachelor of Science in Biology)