Teachers are at the heart of educational improvements because we know first-hand what our students need/want from school. The political pressure that exists in education can stifle the sense of hope many young educators bring to their schools. Working alongside passionate and purposeful educators both in Knowles and in my school has sustained my drive to be innovative, take risks, and improve the education we provide our students. Teachers must advocate for their professional growth, because all of our students deserve access to high-quality education.”

Liz’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“I am troubled by the large number of students I teach who have severe math anxiety or low math self-concepts. I worry about the many students who enroll in remedial math classes in college. As a math teacher, I constantly aim to create a supportive learning environment for my students and provide the kinds of experiences that can illustrate the beauty and power of learning mathematics.”

Professional Experience

As an undergraduate at DePaul University, Elizabeth received a Summer Research Grant with two undergraduate classmates, where they studied a combinatorial identity posed in “The Veronese Construction for Formal Power Series and Graded Algebras” using combinatorics. She has also taught math to high school students at summer programs sponsored by the Metro Achievement Center, to college students at DePaul as a teaching assistant, and to elementary students at Mathnasium – West DePaul. Her experiences supporting students in learning math helped solidify her interest in becoming a math teacher.

Volunteer Experience

Elizabeth volunteered at Metro Achievement Center, a nonprofit organization that serves urban youth, in their after school program.


In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys running, being outdoors, exploring new places, spending time with family and friends, watching films, reading, writing, eating, trying new recipes, and watching funny animal videos

Academic Background

  • DePaul University (Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics)
  • DePaul University (Master of Science in Pure Mathematics)
  • Northwestern University (Master of Science in Secondary Math Education)