Teaching is a team sport, not an individual act. We must work with other teachers, but also with our students, families, and the communities we serve. We are entrusted with their greatest resource—their children—and it is our responsibility to nourish these students into confident young adults who will use their talents to give back to their communities.”

Zoe’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Chemistry

“I have loved chemistry since middle school when I discovered internet sensation/science communicator Hank Green’s Crash Course Chemistry series. A lot of the topics were challenging—they are based on the AP curriculum, after all—but nothing motivates me more than a good challenge. This knowledge led to high school chemistry being relatively easy for me. I started asking questions that went deeper than learning the content. How are these seemingly different topics related? What was the purpose of each lab? Are there exceptions that break the rules, and why? Questions are infectious. In fact, I am still asking these questions, and enjoy engaging my students through the questions they naturally have about the world around them.”

Professional Experience

During her undergraduate studies, Zoe worked as a teaching assistant within the mathematics and nanoengineering departments of her university. Additionally, she served as an EcoNaut—a position that allowed her to educate fellow students about sustainability and environmental justice. She worked as a PATHS academic coach for a year, tutoring students in physics and facilitating growth opportunities events for students from underrepresented groups within the STEM community. During her graduate studies, Zoe worked as an assistant curriculum designer, developing elementary computer science content for a local school district. She spent one year as a part-time, intern teacher of record at Otay Ranch High School, where she taught chemistry while earning her graduate degree. She spent the last year working full-time at the same school.

Zoe will begin her third year of teaching chemistry at Otay Ranch High School in Chula Vista, California, during the 2023–2024 school year. 


In her free time, Zoe enjoys filming fun (and sometimes educational!) videos, building LEGO sets, visiting places she’s never been before, and playing Pokemon Go—a hobby that she picked up during COVID lockdown.

Academic Background

  • University of California, San Diego (Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology)
  • University of California, San Diego (Master of Education in Teaching and Learning)